First Presbyterian Church, Staunton, is now accepting resumés and letters of interest for the part-time position of Organist and Chancel Choir Accompanist.

The position requires playing the newly renovated sanctuary pipe organ (3 manual, 46 rank Henry Pilcher’s Sons Opus 1868) for a traditional worship service each week and accompanying the Chancel Choir for worship and weekly rehearsals.   

Salary for the position will be commensurate with experience and education.  The position will include continuing education opportunities and paid vacation leave.  

                                                     Complete job description below.

For any other information, please contact John M. Dull, Director of Music, at (540) 886-0704. 
Send materials to 100 East Frederick Street, Staunton, Virginia, 24401, or


The Organist at First Presbyterian Church
    1.     Performs with professional competence and musicianship at our 3-manual, 46-rank Henry
Pilcher’s Sons Opus 1868 pipe organ.
    2.     Plays the piano, solo or in accompaniment.
    3.     Accompanies the Chancel Choir at worship services and at all regular and special rehearsals,
working in close cooperation with the Director of Music and the Choir.

    1.     Provides organ and/or piano music for one Sunday worship service and one evening choir
rehearsal per week; for Advent, Christmas Eve, and Lenten worship; for memorial services or
funerals in the sanctuary.
    2.     May provide organ or piano music for other special services scheduled in agreement with the
Pastor and Worship Committee.
    3.     Works with the Pastor, the Worship Committee, and Director of Music to develop special music
programs outside of worship services.
    4.     May make his/her own arrangements for music at weddings scheduled at First Presbyterian
Church. (The Organist has first preference for all weddings and funerals in the sanctuary.)
    5.     Shall bring to the attention of the Director of Music all requirements for tuning, maintenance,
service and repairs of the organ, the sanctuary piano, and any other piano that the organist may
have occasion to use.

    1.     Selects the service music (organ solos) in coordination with the Director of Music and taking into
account the themes of worship, based on the common lectionary. (The hymns for Sunday
services are selected by the Pastor; choral music is selected by the Director of Music.)
    2.     Is formally responsible directly to the Director of Music, and indirectly to the Pastor and the
Worship Committee of the church.
    3.     In order to provide well-coordinated worship services, shall coordinate through the Director of
Music with the Children's Music Program, the Handbell Choir, and other instrumental or vocal
    4.     Will attend meetings with the Pastor and Director of music to plan congregational worship. In
addition, the Organist is ex-officio member of the Worship Committee.
    1.     Shall have free use of the organ and pianos of the Church for practice and rehearsal and
teaching at times consistent with availability of the sanctuary, and choir or Sunday-School rooms,
cleared through the Church Secretary.
    2.     Receives four weeks paid vacation per year. In his/her absence for vacation or other reason, the
organist, shall arrange for a substitute organist in cooperation with Director of Music and Chair of
the Worship Committee.
    3.     Is encouraged to attend events for professional development at least annually.

    1.     Shall have a written contract for this Position from the Session of the Church.
    2.         Contract will be reviewed annually in conjunction with a performance review conducted by the
members of the Administration and Worship Committees.

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